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As a keynote speaker, I share insights on leadership, culture building, and finding your passion. I engage and motivate delegates by combining stories from my life with knowledge gained from more than 25 years of helping people find their music.


  1. The ups and downs that led me to live my music.
  2. How we can live more fulfilling and abundant lives
  3. Where to look to find what you need
  4. And much more

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I continued to share my message via video conference live from Trinidad.

  1. TEDx Port of Spain
  2. Massy Learning Institute
  3. The Invisible Men Podcast
  4. The FearLess Podcast
  5. What’s Going On? Eyes on Africa and the Caribbean Podcast

Scott presents with style, ease, and clear, relatable examples

“Scott spoke to our delegates about creating a digital agency and using it to give value to the business. His custom talk energized employees. It created a healthy level of interest and strongly launched the digital agency. Delegates were interested in getting involved and inspired to seek more agile ways of working. Scott presents with style and ease and provides clear, relatable examples. Our delegates still remember the “Find your music” concept.”

Vermisha AhYoung
IT Manager

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