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Scott Hilton-Clarke

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Hi, I’m Scott.

I have discovered that inside every individual and every business lies a spark of greatness. My passion is to unearth that spark, ignite it and empower them to bring that greatness to the world.

This takes work. Working with me, you get access to decades of experience, insight and business savvy. I will guide you as you explore a 360° view of your potential, and share with you the tools you need to actualize that potential. I’ll be your coach, advisor, co-pilot, confidant, and your most enthusiastic supporter. I will be your champion.

This is what makes my work one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. People come to me from around the world to feel truly seen, heard, and understood. Now, you can join Fortune 500 companies, the UN, and the US Federal Government, in unleashing what makes you great.

To find out how I got here, check out my TedxTalk

Reach out to Scott and you will be eternally grateful

“For over 35 years, Scott Hilton-Clarke has inspired people to unleash their greatness. Scott, selfless by nature, thrives by helping others succeed. He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of this purpose and has helped thousands of people from various walks of life build self-esteem and confidence, confront weaknesses and fears to achieve beyond their dreams.”

Gervase Warner
CEO Massy Group

Rediscover the genius in your business

Ways We Can Work Together

  1. Business Advisor

    Your personal board of directors

    Together we’ll zero in on strategy, development, and skill set enrichment.

    1. Hash out business ideas and strategies
    2. Tighten up your organizational structures and focus on goal setting
    3. Dial up productivity and performance
  2. Executive Coach For Leaders

    Level up your leadership

    Unearth potential, and amplify impact within your team.

    1. Unlock hidden passions, talents, and growth opportunities
    2. Develop confidence-building practices
    3. Hone your skills to become the leader you aspire to be
  3. Keynote Speaker

    Inspirational speaker for your event

    Book me as a keynote speaker, virtually or in person, for your next event, conference, or workshop. I bring warmth and irreverence to powerful lessons on leadership, culture building, and cultivating passion.

    Watch my latest keynote speeches here.

  4. Inspiration Labs

    Training, coaching, and strategy for taking corporations to the next level

    Power up your personnel with leadership development, team optimization, company culture building, and diversity and inclusion programs. Tailor-made and delivered by a diverse collective of experts.

    Find out more

  5. M-Path

    Finding Your Music

    Whether you need a nudge to change direction or to uncover your passions; want to release restrictive beliefs around who you think you can be, or are looking to live a life of purpose; create abundance doing what you love, or simply create more happiness; you will find what you are looking for with M-Path’s practical and interactive programs.

  6. Personal Champion

    One-to-one guidance transports you to greatness

    Are you looking to achieve personal transformation, gain new perspectives, or change your life’s direction? I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals switch gears, and find and live their purpose.

Thank you Scott, for holding me in my greatness.

There aren't sufficient words to describe the profound impact Scott has had, and continues to have, on my professional and personal journey. Scott’s ability to hold a mirror to my most powerful and authentic self has shifted how I view the possibilities that lie ahead for me, and the way I see myself. The gift of his time and wisdom has, in ways beyond my imagination, transformed my life.

Anya Ayoung-Chee
Social Entrepreneur, Design Strategist, Fashion Designer & Builder of Villages

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